Who We Are

SPIRA SALES CORPORATION is an authorized and pioneer distributor of TOTO products in the Philippines. It was created at the onset of 2007. It was established to address the growing demand for superior quality bathroom sanitary wares, fittings and accessories in the country. 


TOTO LTD. is the world’s largest plumbing products manufacturer that offers a complete line of plumbing fixtures and fittings. Backed by precision engineering and global manufacturing,


TOTO delivers extremely reliable and high-performing products. Its reliability translates to reduced maintenance costs and peace of mind. For over 90 years, TOTO has produced a truly remarkable combination of ecology and luxury that is well-known globally. TOTO products are highly innovative and unmatched in terms of durability and technological advancements.


At SSC, We are:

A team of dynamic, competent, and professional workforce

A company with trustworthy, premium brands of products and services that add to life’s enjoyment A company that enhances the lifestyle and improves the way of living of its employees, customers, and communities. A company that offers profitable and significant returns to our partners and stakeholders A company with excellent customer service


Spira Sales Corporation is:

  • Committed to give customers an enhanced lifestyle and ultimate satisfaction thru

       attention to detail and continuous improvement;

  • Committed to provide employees with personal and professional growth;

  • Committed to give significant benefits to partners and shareholders.

Corporate Values

Ownership. To act with courage to lead from front and shape future. Equip with leadership, commitment passion and  diversity.

Consistency. Always consistent in providing quality, service excellence, innovation and safety.

Integrity. To act with honesty, accountabilty, humility, respect, risk taking without compromising the truth. 

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