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NEOREST LS Bowl (S-trap), D-shaped , Flushing Volume: 3.8L / 3.0L (with free floor flange & seal gasket)

NEOREST LS WASHLET (Nickel), D-shaped


  • Specs

    • Flush system:    TORNADO FLUSH
    • Water Use:    3.8L / 3.0L
    • Rough-in:   305 mm
    • Bowl Shape:    D-Shape
    • Water Pressure:    0.05MPa~0.75MPa
    • Power Rating:    220~240V, 50/60Hz, 835~863W
    • Length of Power Cord:    1.2 m
    • Material:    Bowl -Vitreous China
    • Seat & Cover -Plastic
    • Remote Controller -Aluminium
    • Size:    411Wx725Dx497H mm
  • Features

    • New TORNADO FLUSH uses less water to produce powerful streams of water that travels along a hairpin curve of new RIMLESS DESIGN bowl creating a 360 degree of cleaning power that washes every spot
    • PREMIST, a fine spray of mist making it difficult for dirt to adhere
    • EWATER+ not only keeps toilet bowl and nozzle clean by preventing bacterial with sanitizing effect but is also sprayed under the seat to prevent other accumulated waste, ensures a long-lasting cleanliness
    • Automatic operation: Lid opens, closes and toilet flushes when sensor is activated
    • AIR-IN WONDERWAVE uses air rich water droplets to produce comfortable cleaning sensation
    • HEATED SEAT with temperature control
    • Auto powerful DEODORIZER activates after every usage
    • Adjustable WARM AIR DRYING
    • Hybrid Ecology System